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Truck Load Dangers

truck loadMany aspects of the trucking industry are regulated by both state and federal governments, including the load size and the way in which they are secured. If an accident occurs due to a violation of these laws, the trucking company could be held responsible for any injuries or damages sustained as a result.

Given the sheer size and weight of a truck, any accidents caused by them can be potentially disastrous. An overloaded truck can be even more fatal and, exceeding the maximum weight capacity of the truck can cause many problems, including brake failure. A big rig that is carrying large metal pipes for a construction project, for example, must stack them and tie them down with straps. If the pipes are not properly stacked and secured, they may come loose, roll off, and either damages surrounding vehicles or cause a serious accident.

The regulations trucking companies must observe are detailed, specific, and in the interest of safety. They include regulating the total length and width of a truck, the weight of the truck when traveling on interstate highways, and strict rules on how certain substances or loads should be secured. These may not seem like the dangers we typically fear when it comes to truck accidents, but they are no less devastating.

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