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Have You Been Affected by a Dangerous Drug?

Every day, millions of Americans take prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for ensuring the prescription drugs they produce and sell are safe. Sadly, this does not always happen. There are regularly numerous lawsuits pending against drug companies across the country for dangerous drugs pushed to the market by negligent pharmaceutical companies. If you or a loved one were injured by a defective drug, you need a Houston personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Haines Law, P.C. is here for you, backed by aggressive counsel and proven experience. Get our courtroom prowess behind your case!

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How Can Dangerous Drugs be Released?

The story can be as dramatic as a drug company hiding or altering test data or as innocent as a flawed manufacturing process. Regardless of the cause of a dangerous drug finding its way into the stream of commerce, the results can be devastating to those who take dangerous drugs and their families.

We have handled cases against the following drug manufacturers:

  • Topamax / Depakote – These dangerous drugs are designed for treating bipolar disorder, migraine headaches, or ADHD. If taken during pregnancy, this drug can lead to birth defects in your unborn child including cleft lip and cleft palate.
  • Actos – This dangerous drug is prescribed to patients with type-2 diabetes to help regulate blood sugar. Actos may cause or greatly increase your chance of developing bladder cancer.
  • Yaz / Yasmin – These dangerous drugs are prescribed primarily for birth control, PMS, and acne. They significantly increase the risk of blood clots in individuals who take them. These drugs can lead to stroke, heart attack, blood clots in the legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis/DVT), blood clots in the lungs (Pulmonary Embolism/PE), and gallbladder disease

Don’t Wait to Enlist Aggressive Representation

The injuries caused by dangerous drugs can be significant and life-changing. The medical expenses associated with recovering from or living with the injuries caused by a defective drug can be an overwhelming of the affected person and their family. If you or someone you love has used any of these dangerous drugs and suffered the symptoms or conditions listed above, reach out to Haines Law, P.C. We bring years of insight and experience to the table and are not afraid to take on big insurance and pharmaceutical companies for our clients.

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